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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Day 3

#3. I have 3 loves-My family, food, and movies. I will do anything to protect my family. Which includes my husband, kids, parents, sister, in-laws (yes I do like them!), friends and various cousins. As long as it's legal, I'll be there to help.
As far as food goes, I have found a love for cooking. I'll find a recipe and fiddle with it until I get it where I want it. Then I change it around again. Just to see if I can make it better. My sister says I should have my own Food Network show. Well if I did, it would probably be like Iron Chef, but in a home environment. For the mom who realizes that she doesn't have everything and she doesn't have time to go to the store to get something else. I sweep in and look round her fridge and pantry and make a meal her family will love. It's a dream.
Now movies. My husband will call me from work to ask me about "That movie where the guy from that Scotland/Africa movie breaks into a house and it's got Jodie Foster. What's it's name?" I can answer those questions. Not because I've seen all of these movies, but I read about them. And yes I've seen a great deal of movies. I'm just like that.

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noble pig said...

Maybe a network will pick you up.