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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Day 1

On Facebook, I've been seeing my friends write notes about 25 random things about them. I was thinking about how I could adjust it a bit. Here's my contribution. Each day this month I'm going to tell a random thing about myself. And I will explain it a bit as well. There will probably be pictures. Don't say I didn't warn you. On to the list.

#1. I really love being a mom. Growing up I thought I would have a career. I knew I'd get married and have kids eventually, but I thought I could do both. Well, I've found that I couldn't do both. I didn't want to do both. I sort of worry about what will happen when my youngest goes to school. I probably will get a job at one of the small stores around here, but my kids come first.
When I talk about my kids, most people think I'm talking about my 6 & 2 years olds. I also consider my stepson one of my boys. He's barely 10 years younger than me (by 2 weeks) but I treat him the same as the little ones. If he needs me, I'm there as much as if my biological kids need me. That is the part of being a mom that has amazed me.

My boys in their natural habitat.

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Anonymous said...


You have done more for my/our family thann you could have ever thought about. Andrew, the "Stepson" who conciders you his mom more than his "BIO" mom. All the way to what you arae doing not only for Carl and Josh, but for the neighborhood kids who come ans visit,play, or stay the night. You always treat each as your own. You are truly a mom with a big heart.