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Friday, July 03, 2009

Yes I'm still here.....

I know you all (or as they say down here, Y'all) have been wondering what has happened to me.

(The sounds of crickets chirping in the background.)

Really? Not one person has been wondering? Oh well, I'll tell you anyways.

1. Well, we are currently in Round 3 of the "Department of Labor won't pay back pay until you can show us you are injured" battle. You would think that after working on this problem with them for 5 years I would have gotten use to the red tape. Nope, not a bit. Oh well, hopefully after they see the Husband MRI results they will realize that he is injured. Not that the constant pain isn't a big screaming clue.

2. Bear finished Kindergarten with flying colors. Well he could have done better with the discipline, but he's a boy in the country. What I worry about is when Bug goes to school and I get the first call that he has bitten someone. That call will come. Bear made some wonderful friends and I hope that in 9 years when they are all in high school I can embarrass them with pictures from Kindergarten. Moms are allow to do things like that.

3. We're going to Walt Disney World at the end of July. The boys, my mom, my sister and I. At the "Most Magical Place on Earth." I think the boys will like it. I also think that after driving down to Orlando & back (didn't I mention that?) I will need a vacation.

Well I think that is all for now. Have a Happy Fourth of July. Don't eat too much. Don't drink too much. And don't forget which end of the sparkler to hold!