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Friday, April 10, 2009

That's Some Heavy Music!

I have finally been allowed to listen to my music while I drive the Bear & Bug around. For months I have been stuck in an endless cycle of The Nightmare Before Christmas and George of the Jungle soundtracks. Last night when driving to the Bear's T-ball game (his team the A's lost the Yankees 21-6, or as the Husband say, "Just like the big leagues!") I took control of the music. We listened to the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack. I actually got thee kiddos to groove to the music. We also listened to Weird Al's Running With Scissors, so the boys got a kick out the "The Saga Begins" and the Polka Song.
While I did get to listen many of my CDs last night (yes I still use CDs), I think I pulled a muscle while lifting my CD case today. I have yet to convert to the digital medium of MP3s. Although I do think it would be funny if the iTunes store saves your preferences based on the music you have loaded on your iPod. I don't think those algorithims were designed to deal with a person who like Gershwin & Meat Loaf. The thought of confounding Apple is enough incentive to get an iPod.