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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Now that you're here, Now that you're near....

It's Xanadu! One of my most favorite movies since I 5. Tonight as I was flipping through the channels of basic cable while the whole house slept, I saw that there was a strange confluence of Olivia Newton-John, Electric Light Orchestra, roller skating, Greek mythology and Gene Kelly. Xanadu. Ah the strange fashions of the early 80s (leg warmers, zoot suits, electric orange jumpsuits) along with a crazy soundtrack featuring OLJ & ELO. A match made in heaven, or Olympus to be more exact. Throw in a dash of Gene Kelly and we're set. I am so sure that I tortured my parents by listening to the album, trying to roller skate on the living room carpet. I remember on a trip to Seattle begging my parents to take me to Mount St. Helens because I thought that was where the muses were (I misheard the movie, but to my defense it was a BetaMax tape) and utterly disappointed when I didn't see them dancing around. I am completely certain that this movie was 100% responsible for my love of Greek Mythology. The only thing that makes tonight even better. The last 30 minutes of Hackers. Why can't we have such cool computers now?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Muse Has Returned

I know it's been a month since my last post. I just couldn't write anymore. I don't know why, but I'm back now. I'm busy as all get out with the Bear's T-ball practice. Tonight the team is having a scrimmage, which will be the first time many of these kids have been on a baseball field. It will be fun to watch. I'm exhausted. I have to be at the school to pick Bear up. He gets out of school at 3:30, but I have to be there early to "line up". The earlier, the better, so I'm there at 2:45. And I wait. With a 2 year old in the back. Then it's back home for him to change, usually home by 4:00. Then we leave at 5:00 (around the same time the school bus is dropping the kids off!) to back up to town for practice at 5:30. I spend the next hour and a half chasing the Bug around a field that is about 2 football fields in size. This week has been even more fun since we had so much rain last week that the field is more mud & water than grass. At least tonight, the scrimmage is at 6:00. But it's further away from my house. So I'll probably leave earlier. Oh how I can't wait for a vacation.