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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Lonely Porch

Last week my neighbor had their house moved out. It was damaged from the storm. A tree crashed into it and split it in two.

You can't see much, because of the aforementioned tree, but you can the front porch.

And here's the front porch this morning. All lonely without it's house. Sitting in the middle of what was the front yard. As of this afternoon, the porch was gone. All that's left to show that there once was a house, is the slab and back stairs.

We, the neighborhood, wonder if they will rebuild. From what was learned in the days after the storm, I doubt it. It seems that Ike wasn't the only storm that blew through that household. What a story that is. Maybe I'll tell you all on another post.

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Anonymous said...

If they don't come back plant flowers or vegetables if you can. Make it a sustainable garden. Otherwise it becomes a weed patch.