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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This is hands down my favorite holiday. Actually it's tied with Thanksgiving, but I like that holiday for a completely different reason. Back to Halloween. I love that today is the one day of the year that it's acceptable for adults to be like a kid. Kids get to be goofy. I always loved seeing the costumes at school. I remember at my elementary school there would be a contest for best costume. One year my mom made me a hobo clown costume. She didn't go out and buy it from the store, she made it. I can't remember it, but I've seen the pictures, and I will say I looked cute. As I got older I got to be a surgeon, in full scrubs, that won me the best costume award! Thank you, Claudia! My favorite was the year in high school where I dressed as death. I had the black robe with hood and I covered my face in white makeup. The best reaction I had to it was when my history teacher was returning a test or homework or something like that and she saw my face. She jumped back and almost screamed. I had a small knot of satisfaction from that. In college, I was more practical. I wore my high school uniform as a costume. Halloween was fun.
This year I was so excited because my oldest boy was starting Kindergarten and he would get to wear his costume and start his enjoyment of Halloween at school. Then I got the note from the school yesterday saying that costumes were not allowed. They gave no reason. I went to Catholic schools and they always let us wear costumes. What has happened? Is it just because I'm living in South East Texas as opposed to San Francisco? I just saw Good Morning America where they are broadcasting from an elementary school in Orlando, and no one has a costume. It didn't even look like they had decorations. So maybe it's a Southern thing.
I have another theory. The way the world is today I think the schools are trying to keep kids from getting hurt. Emotionally hurt. Yes, it would be crushing to get to school and be the only kid in class without a costume. But what about the kids who want to wear a costume? Who have been begging for weeks to wear a costume to school. What about their emotions?
Well, later today, I'll have pictures of the boys in their before we go Trick or Treating. Hopefully, we'll be able to do that.

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