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Monday, November 03, 2008

My Love of Pomegranates

I must say how much I love Fall. I love Halloween & Thanksgiving. When I lived in Rhode Island, I got to enjoy my first honest to goodness leaf changing Fall, followed closely by first real winter, complete with 100 inches of snow. But my favorite part of fall is the fruit. I know it's fall when I see the pomegranates and fresh cranberries in the produce section. I remember my grandmother giving me my first taste of pomegranate seeds. It was the most amazing feeling of squirt and crunch with a wonderful tart sweet taste. Messy yes, but well worth it. It was always a special treat because they were hard to find. Now pomegranates are everywhere. I've seen everything from pomegranate juice and tea to ice cream to soap to candles to lip balm. And I do admit that I have probably tried every single product with pomegranate in it (I have pomegranate perfume), not a year has gone by that I have not bought fresh pomegranates. And in this house I can't buy 1 and be done with it. Every week I need to buy at least 4. We all eat them, including the picky 5 year old Bear. My 2 year old Bug calls them "candy fruit". Just a small family addiction.

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