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Monday, May 04, 2009

Oink, Oink, Cough, Cough

This is getting ridiculous. This morning I found out that the school district to the east of ours was shut down due to the chance there was a student who might have the Swine Flu (sorry, pig farmers out there, H1N1). So if this child has the dreaded virus, the whole district (which probably has 3,000 students total K-12) will be shut down for the remainder of the week. Which means that the parents of the students who work must find a friend or relative to watch the children that are not sick but must stay home or take unnecessary days off from work. That's going to do wonders for the local economy. So now we wait. Maybe this will cause our district to take a few days off before the actual end of year. At least I stay home, so I won't have to take a day off. On the contrary, I will have to work harder.

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