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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Now that you're here, Now that you're near....

It's Xanadu! One of my most favorite movies since I 5. Tonight as I was flipping through the channels of basic cable while the whole house slept, I saw that there was a strange confluence of Olivia Newton-John, Electric Light Orchestra, roller skating, Greek mythology and Gene Kelly. Xanadu. Ah the strange fashions of the early 80s (leg warmers, zoot suits, electric orange jumpsuits) along with a crazy soundtrack featuring OLJ & ELO. A match made in heaven, or Olympus to be more exact. Throw in a dash of Gene Kelly and we're set. I am so sure that I tortured my parents by listening to the album, trying to roller skate on the living room carpet. I remember on a trip to Seattle begging my parents to take me to Mount St. Helens because I thought that was where the muses were (I misheard the movie, but to my defense it was a BetaMax tape) and utterly disappointed when I didn't see them dancing around. I am completely certain that this movie was 100% responsible for my love of Greek Mythology. The only thing that makes tonight even better. The last 30 minutes of Hackers. Why can't we have such cool computers now?

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Anonymous said...

Then you got sick and we haven't heard from you since. Get back to the computer and keep up the entertainment.