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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I love Netflix

I love all kinds of movies. Musicals, foreign films, dramas, chick flicks, really bad B-movies. I don't love every movie, but I can tolerate a wide variety. A perfect example is the few times of the year my husband decides he wants to watch a few movies in one day. He will look through the movies we have and pick 3. And without a doubt they will be Gladiator, Braveheart, and We Were Soldiers. To be watched in that order. I have nothing against those movies. I just can't watch them in one day. One after the other. Just to be fair, he watches other movies too, but those 3 are joined together. The only time he watches them separately is when they happen to be on TNT or something like that.
Back to the original track. I was thinking of the movies I've watched this year because of Netflix. I watched My Favorite Year with Peter O'Toole. I love watching that movie, especially with my dad. Thankfully, BBC America just happened to be showing it Christmas night, when my parents and sister had come down from San Francisco for a visit. So while I felt a little sorry for my mom and sister having to sit through a movie that my dad and I can quote word for word, it felt really good to be able to quote a movie word for word and have a partner.
The Disney Channel had the cartoon Alice in Wonderland on during the Christmas break. I think it's alright as an introduction, I started to think of my favorite version of Alice. I remember watching a live version of it on PBS when I was little. What I remembered from it was the costumes, props and backdrops seemed to come from the actual books (I was maybe 6 or 7 at the time). So I set upon to find a copy of it, because the last copy I had of it was a 1983 BetaMax tape that my parents graciously taped for me. So I looked online, and found out that Netflix had it. And so this weekend, I watched with my 6 year old Bear. He loved it. He would ask me if the actors were real, because mice aren't really as big as little girls (BTW, Nathan Lane played the Mouse!). After telling him they were actors in costumes, he enjoyed it even more. I found myself remembering it far more than I thought. Maybe as he gets older he will want to watch My Favorite Year with his Mom & PeePaw.

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noble pig said...

I love it too but we always get so backed up on our movies. There is never enough time. My hubby loves Sci-fi so his trifecta is worse!